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READI Chicago

Program Overview

READI Chicago is an innovative response to gun violence in Chicago provided in partnership with Heartland Alliance. READI Chicago connects people most at risk of gun violence involvement with employment in paid transitional jobs, cognitive behavioral therapy, and supportive services over 18 months to help them create a viable path and opportunities for a different future, and to help reduce violence in the city’s most impacted neighborhoods. 


We focus on those who are at highest risk of gun violence involvement:

o   87% are 18-32 years old

o   94% are African-American

o   17% are experiencing homelessness

o   78% have lost a family member to gun violence


To learn more about READI Chicago, visit our partner Heartland Alliance.


'My mom is so happy. When I left the house every day, she used to tell me to be careful. Now she just smiles and says, ‘Have a good day.’  

-Tevin Program Participant

Read Tevin's Story Here

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