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Interested in learning more about the Sweet Beginnings model?

Over fifteen years in business, we’ve proven that our model changes lives for the better, and we’ve learned a lot of lessons about how to run an effective social enterprise. We’ve also heard from a lot of people across the country (and the world) who want to start something like Sweet Beginnings – and we’ve responded. We’re getting ready to “pollinate” the Sweet Beginnings model to other communities like North Lawndale: places where people are in dire need of family-sustaining work and a second chance.

This year, we are creating a best practices toolkit about our model, an employment social enterprise that creates transitional jobs for a marginalized population by producing a product for retail sale. This toolkit will be the foundation for a range of consulting services we’ll be offering to new social enterprises. If you’re inspired by our work and plan to start a social enterprise like Sweet Beginnings in your own community, we’d love to connect with you and learn more about your dream and how Sweet Beginnings can help you achieve it.

You are a great candidate for working with us if you:

  • Are a well-established workforce development organization

  • Run a job readiness training program that serves a specific marginalized population (such as returning citizens)

  • Want to launch a social enterprise that provides transitional jobs to better support that population, but don’t know where to start


If you are interested in becoming a Sweet Beginnings client and partner, please send us your contact information and a brief note through the interest form to be added to the waitlist. Our Sweet Beginnings team will contact you to discuss your plans, and when we’re ready to launch our partnership offerings, you’ll be the first to know!

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