North Lawndale Employment Network Debate Class

In mid-2016, there was an effort to provide our U-Turn Permitted and U-Turn Permitted Express graduates with an even more robust set of internal tools to use as they enter the workforce. To that end, our Business Solutions Manager performed a round of focused one-on-one discussions with our incredible employer partners, and we took the feedback from those discussions and used it to perform an internal program review. With this information, we found 4 key areas of readiness that our workforce training needed to address more intentionally:

  1. Conflict Resolution
  2. Ability to address criminal background
  3. Confidence
  4. Ability to express ideas

The NLEN Debate Class is a new initiative that we are hoping can address these needs. We developed this curriculum with the help of the Urban Debate League, the Chicago Debate Commission, and a Master of Curriculum Writing. On this page, we’ll be maintaining a blog that will track the progress of the class. We’ll be reviewing each class; what we hoped to achieve, what we did achieve, what went well, what needed improvement. Posts are below.

Thank you for your interest in this effort!

Debate Class – 2nd Session

We learned a lot in our second week of debate class. I learned about the potential we’re unlocking in our clients, and things that we’re doing that are maybe stifling that potential. The clients learned about how the topics we’re debating have deeper meaning, and how important it is to “seek first to understand, then […]

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Debate Class – 1st Session

There are so many ideas that seem brilliant on paper but are terrible in execution. On the precipice of anything innovative, fear of the unsuccessful execution of a successful idea is palpable. We’ve done the research that says we should try it, we have approval from the appropriate parties, and we have a plan in […]

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