U-Turn Permitted

U-Turn Permitted is our longest-running program and was designed by community members to cater to their needs. The four-week job-training program will assist you with wrap-around services focusing not just on you, the worker, but you, the individual. The program teaches you strategies, techniques, and skills to make you ready for work and equipped for life after incarceration.

Every graduate of U-Turn Permitted is instructed in conflict resolution, anger management, team building, resume development, financial counseling, and racial healing. In collaboration with professional staff, U-Turn Permitted trains you in the necessary employment skills to advance in the working world. You will learn skills, habits, attitudes, and values that empower and improve your personal and professional life.

As a graduate of U-Turn Permitted, you will always have access to our services as you improve your employability or enter times of employment transition. Direct job placement assistance and opportunities for self-directed job acquisition are provided, as is ongoing Workforce Coaching. A Workforce Coach maintains a regular schedule of contacts with participants in transition and helps provide support for successful retention.

U-Turn Permitted is available to adult (18+) men and women with one or more felony convictions. You must be drug free to participate in U-Turn Permitted. You will need to commit to a four week job readiness program in order to complete U-Turn Permitted. We prefer participants in U-Turn Permitted have a reading comprehension level of sixth-grade or higher, but cases are considered individually.

For more information, please contact Mark Sanders at 773-638-1806.

U-Turn Express

U-Turn Express is designed to cater to the needs of community members without a criminal background who are actively seeking work. As the name suggests, U-Turn Express is an accelerated track offering critical job-seeking skills and resources. Participants in U-Turn Express will learn to:

  • Create or update a professional resume
  • Develop and maintain job leads
  • Successfully interview with proven methods
  • Search for jobs online
  • Budget money and improve your credit rating

Classes are taught monthly on five consecutive days from 10am – 2pm, at 3726 W. Flournoy. Spaces are limited. Transportation will be provided to and from class. To register for the U-Turn Express workshop, contact Mikayla Richardson at 773-265-7943.

Center for Working Families

The Center for Working Families (CWF) serves as a hub for all resources provided by the North Lawndale Employment Network. It provides outreach, coaching, and bundles of services to help you reach your economic goals. Our financial coaches provide free credit reports, personalized budgeting advice, assistance enrolling in public aid programs, and will help you to establish a credit history.

This program integrates long-term financial counseling into NLEN’s existing services, showing you how to expand your financial education and to access credit-repair programming and interventions. Clients enrolled in two or more CWF services are

  • 4 times more likely to improve their credit rating
  • 11 times more likely to improve net worth
  • 14 times more likely to improve net income

Since 2009, we have helped more than 500 clients improve their credit scores. By adding income supports and financial counseling alongside employment services, the CWF connects residents to the economic mainstream and improves our communities.

For more information about Financial Literacy and Education, or to set up an appointment for Financial Counseling, please contact Pauline Sylvain, the Director of Center for Working Families for North Lawndale Employment Network.