Bridge Instructor & Career Coach

Moving Forward Bridge Instructor & Career Coach

We are looking for an outstanding bridge curriculum trainer and employment coach with a heart for
those who need second chances to facilitate our contextualized academic bridge curriculum and guide
graduates through the process of successfully transitioning to a certificate or degree program, passing
the high school equivalency exam (HSE), if needed; and/or qualify for an entry level employment. We’re
looking for someone with an established record of success in the classroom; who has developed and
uses highly effective teaching strategies that meet students’ diverse needs and that promote the
acquisition and application of knowledge and the development of critical and creative thinking and
problem solving skills. In addition, we want someone who will engage in and model intellectual curiosity
and express passion for career development and personal transformation.

What you’ll do

  • Use NLEN’s Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (TDL) Bridge curriculum and materials as the basis for classroom lesson and activities.
  • Develop and shares class syllabus with students at the beginning of the course; ensure class
    expectations and objectives are understood.
  • Deliver instruction to improve students’ numeracy and literacy skills through lessons
    contextualized to TDL career related content. Incorporate career development and college
    readiness skills.
  • Employ a variety of student-centered teaching methods that stage classroom exploration of
    open questions that allow students to develop critical thinking and verbal communication skills.
  • Act as facilitator, using a combination of large and small-group activities to explore issues that
    are relevant to the student and their Focus Area of choice.
  • Apply technology skills to effectively use curriculum and on-line curriculum materials; assist
    students in developing basic computer skills and using Microsoft Office and email software.
  • Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet the students’ varying needs,
    abilities, and interests.
  • Work to optimize student outcomes by monitoring student progress on an ongoing basis using
    oral and written assessments, standardized tests, and classroom observations.
  • Maintain accurate and complete student records including daily attendance.
  • Work collaboratively with Customized Skills Training staff to plan and coordinate effective
    instructional and transition strategies.
  • Screen clients during monthly Intake and Assessments to determine suitability for program and
    likelihood of successful placement in the TDL sector and other sectors
  • Conduct individual coaching sessions.
  • Prepare Individual Employment Plan (IEP) in order to discuss realistic short-and/or long term
    goal(s) with clients.
  • Maintain case notes of all activities in NLEN’s electronic database for all clients.
  • Maintain accurate client records and files with up-to-date information and supportive
  • Attend regular staff meetings with Business Development, Workforce Development, and
    Financial Opportunity Center staff to stay informed on program initiatives, policies, and
  • Assist with program recruitment and administration


Who you are

  • You have experience in providing contextualized instruction, as well as related coursework and
    professional development.
  • You have experience in career development, job development and/or job placement required.
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in education, counseling, social services or equivalent experience.
  • You are available to facilitate day and evenings classes.
  • You are very comfortable and adept at using computer and mobile computing technology like
    WiFi, laptops, smart phones, Microsoft Office products, Google web based products, databases,
  • You have the ability to effectively transition between multiple work locations.
  • You are a strong facilitator and coach who flourishes with mentoring, developing and nurturing
    raw talent and individuals with limited work experience.
  • You are highly motivated and entrepreneurial and willing to thrive in a start-up atmosphere,
    with the ability to be flexible as we grow the program.
  • You think strategically and can act quickly on your feet.
  • You have great written and oral communication skills and are able to interact with any audience
    regardless of background.

Who we are

The North Lawndale Employment Network is a highly acclaimed urban workforce development non-
profit (501c3). We know the United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the
world. Today, 2.3 million people are living behind bars in the United States, and 90% of these men and
women will return to their neighborhoods and their families with a priority of seeking employment
driving the unemployment rate (19% unemployment in North Lawndale). We also know that TDL sector
is an Illinois Workforce Investment Board targeted sector, as it offers good jobs with advancement
opportunities, along with growth across the state.

To learn more, please visit and

What we offer

  • A competitive salary of $45k
  • PPO Medical Coverage Plan
  • Vision and Dental Options
  • 12 Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation, Sick, and PTO
  • 403b Plan with company match

To Apply

Please email a cover letter and resume to When emailing, please place ‘Bridge
Instructor and Career Coach’ on the subject line. The deadline to apply for this position is June 18, 2018.
The expected start date is July 16, 2018.