Dorine Poole


Dorine had spent two years on probation for retail theft. She had also recently adopted two children in need of a loving home and she had to find a way to provide them with a safe and nurturing environment. She knew it was time to make changes in her life, but needed help. So when she heard about NLEN she knew it was the place for her – not only does it specialize in working with people with backgrounds, but it is located in her own neighborhood, North Lawndale.

The orientation confirmed her feeling that NLEN would be the right place to start a new crime-free life. She began the U-Turn Permitted program in July 2009 and immediately began working with her financial coach, building on her earlier studies of Business Operations at DeVry University and developing budgeting and savings techniques that worked for her.

She moved on to work for Sweet Beginnings. After completing her three-month transitional job, Dorine interviewed and was hired as an Administrative Team member at Urban Ponics, a local green wholesaler that grows vegetables hydroponically. Dorine was promoted to Office Manager April 2012 and still holds that position today. An NLEN 2013 Creating a Community that Works awardee, Dorine recently returned to NLEN to be a guest presenter at the Ninth Annual Sweet Beginnings Tea in February 2014.

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