Federal Reserve Chair Highlights NLEN Clients


Federal Reserve Chair Janet L. Yellen highlighted NLEN Clients Dorine Poole and Jermaine Brownlee at the National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference earlier today.

In her remarks, Chairwoman Yellen described how the Great Recession and anemic job growth have prevented workers like Dorine and Jermaine from maintaining stable employment at a living wage, despite their skills and previous experience.

After serving two years on probation for retail theft, Dorine completed NLEN’s U-Turn Permitted program in 2009. After a three-month transitional job period, Dorine was hired onto the administrative team at Urban Ponics and promoted to Office Manager in April 2012, a position Dorine still holds today. Dorine was honored as a 2013 Creating a Community that Works award recipient for her efforts. Jermaine graduated from NLEN’s U-Turn Permitted program in the fall of 2013 and was soon hired at Sweet Beginnings.

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