Brenda Palms Barber honored as ComEd Power of One Neighborhood Hero


Brenda Palms Barber will be honored as one of ComEd’s Power of One Neighborhood Heroes this February 24th.

In honor of Black History Month, Brenda and 27 other outstanding people will be recognized for showing what the power of one can accomplish in our neighborhoods and communities.  Learn more about Brenda and the other honorees on the Power of One website.

Billboard featuring Brenda will be at the following locations:

Kedzie Av ES 100ft N/O 16th St F/S
Cermak Rd NS 2ft E/O Avers Av F/W
Cermak Rd SS 500ft W/O Kildare Av F/W
Pulaski Rd WS 25ft N/O 16th St F/N
Kostner Av WS 10ft N/O 16th St F/N
Roosevelt Rd SS 25ft W/O Keeler St F/W
Roosevelt Rd NS 150ft W/O St Louis Av F/E